How to increase your blog audience


Starting your own blog gives you the ability to posses different skills, there’s need to have the motivation of writing captivating and unique articles that will be of benefit to your audience.

Increasing your blog audience, needs a good understanding of your subject area, which gives you the full confidence of communicating with your audience, just posting contents to your blog is not all, its just part of the battle. If you need unique audience you also need to generate a substantial readership to achieve that. We are going to look at several ways to boost blog audience and increase your earning.

Start advertising

This one is more easy and very high rewarding, displaying adverts on your blog attracts visitors and also helps in getting your blog in front.

Think carefully, for adverts you use, because if you want to increase your earning you need to get a high commercial intent keywords as part of your strategy, though its difficult but the reward is high.

Use social media channels

Posting unique contents is not enough to make your post or blog viral, you have to be proactive, one of the effective way of getting more audience to your blog is the use of social media channels.

Using channels like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram are very high rewarding in the long run, and some of them does not need payment before posting your link.

Use appealing headlines

Before a visitor reads a post, they first check the headline, whether its engaging or another junk, because without a compelling headline good contents will go unread by audience.

To get more audience, you need to master the art of using appealing headlines, get more options to choose from before going for the best that will drive more traffic.

Stay attentive to Seo

Optimizing your contents for search engine is a very good practice, and getting organic traffic is hard to obtain, it means you need to continually look at the keywords that you are using.

Generally, most people look up to search engine for audience to visit their blog, so seo is still a worthwhile practice.

Invite guests

Invite other bloggers in your niche to guest post on your blog,

This practice will bring more reader to your blog, but be careful not to allow spammy contents or links, make sure they are all of high quality.

Increase readership

There are so many ways, of increasing your readership, but best of all is regularly updating your blog, every new contents gets good response, and the more you regularly update the more they are likely to revisit.


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