Social media apps that can earn you money


Social media has made it very easy to communicate with others, communicating with family and friends, colleagues in workplaces, with social media we can reach out to millions of people in just a second, using social media can be exciting at the same time, we can also use it as our money making system.

Making money on social media apps can be very lucrative depending on your level of seriousness, social media gives you the opportunity of making money without leaving your home, though you may be using apps like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, without knowing they can be paying those bills piling up.


Facebook is used daily by millions of people around the world, and recognized largely by many, with Facebook you make money with different methods like creating Facebook ads, joining a local buy and sell group, writing a Facebook post, sell on market place, or investing on Facebook.

  • Joining a local buy and sell group can bring you closer to more audience that needs that particular product you are selling, this can earn you a lot in the long run.
  • Creating Facebook ads is also a lucrative business, but before creating Facebook ads, you need a page for your business or website which is very easy to create, once the page is ready you can post ads to reach out to your followers, which very simple as writing on your timeline.
  • Creating live videos on Facebook can earn you money fast, this is a very good way of building your own personal brand. Making Facebook live videos is easy, you just need to make a video using a product that interests others, as your internet bandwidth speed increases continually, your livestrem becomes more popular

There are also other methods of making money from Facebook like, writing a Facebook post and investing in facebook.


Pinterest offers bloggers the opportunity of making money by posting and getting free organic traffic, money can be generated from pinterest because more organic traffic from them means more money to your AdSense account.

In Pinterest, boards are created with images in order to help with the description of that post.


One of the best features of LinkedIn is that you can post recommendations from your previous clients to your LinkedIn business site, LinkedIn helps in picking different marketing strategies, because different businesses are connected.

Thought and ideas are shared among professionals, different questions can be asked and answered, this gives you the chance of building your own brand, as a member of LinkedIn you can make your business more profitable than it has been before.


Twitter is a good center for bloggers and website owners to promote their post, though earning on Twitter is not only for bloggers, even affiliate marketers can take advantage of Twitter as a tool for free advert.

Using Twitter can be very lucrative, you also need a huge amount of followers to get huge amount of clients, having just close friends on twitter cannot get you the targeted audience, you need people who are interested in the product you promote.

After getting the maximum amount of followers, then you can start having sponsored tweet, sponsored tweets are those tweets that advertising companies and individuals pay you to put up, they already know that your audience is huge and they can get their products to the right audience.


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