How to earn easily from google


Google is the world’s largest company for searching for useful information, google also specialises in commercial advertising which to them is a source of great revenue, they also specialises in other services which includes cloud computing, technology, software and hardware, it is one of the first four largest technology companies in the world, others include Apple, Facebook, and Amazon.

The interesting fact about making money online from google is that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your couch, but making money from them also comes with some rules and regulations which must be adhered to.

This post will shed some light on some of the subsidiaries of Google that gives us the chance of making some few bucks to our account.


Blogging is one of the easy ways of making money from google, though blogging is not a get rich business and requires patients, hardworking and consistency to be successful, their are some things that needs to be set up before earning from google, like applying a good theme, working on seo, posting unique content, creating about, contact, privacy disclaimer pages and so on.

Blogging is meant for those who are interested in sharing and writing unique information out to the world ranging from Lifestyle, Tech, Sports, Health, Business, Education, Entertainment, Fashion and many more.

Steps involved in making a blog includes, picking a good niche, you can select from the above mentioned, apply a good AdSense and users friendly themes, create all the required pages (about, contact, privacy, and disclaimer), post quality contents on your blog, work on Seo, and start making money from your passion.


YouTube is also a subsidiary of google and one of the largest video community in the world, and easy to make money from, they pay their users for videos they uploads on their channels, if like staying in front of the camera or like making videos for fun, then the best way to make money from your passion is the use of YouTube.

Videos that can be uploaded on YouTube can be of different niche ranging from Educational, Sports or putting a smile in the faces of your audience by posting funny videos, but make sure they are of high quality and not a video that violet YouTube’s copyright policy.

Steps involved in making money with YouTube is easy, first find a niche that fits your style, create a YouTube channel, publish your videos and invite friends to view and subscribe, you can do this by sharing your link, then monetize your videos by applying for AdSense, but make sure you have good amount of subscribers before applying.

Admob/ App monetization

Admob is another product of Google, its similar to AdSense but both are slightly different, AdSense is meant for bloggers and website owners while admob is for app developers, that’s why you see many app developers spending precious time making quality apps and publishing it on play store for users to download for free, they are also trying to make money from admob.

You can easily earn from this opportunity by developing a unique app that can benefit others and publish on play store, each click on your ads earns money to your admob account, or if you can’t develop your app you can reach us through our contact us page, we create high quality apps and all monetize it for you.

Google pays their publishers (Admob/ AdSense) every 21st of each months provided you have reach the payment threshold.

Search engine evaluator

As we all know, google uses algorithms to evaluate the results search engine brings up, but the downside to this, is that most of them contains errors, and needs a human knowledge to sort out.

Being a search engine evaluator gives you the opportunity to make money from home, search engine evaluator are paid on contractual basis and they earn up to $20-30 per day, which can increase through the month.

Making money from google is not limited to the above mentioned, there are other methods of earning like google AdWords, Double click, and google news.

Google is very strict with their rules and policy, so before getting involved in any of their programs, its better to read the policy guiding that particular program.


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