Why your phone always get overheated


Most phones gets so high in temperature that it seize to function until it cools cool, using your device under normal circumstances should not make it go high in temperature, heating makes the performance of your phone entirely worthless being you can be disconnected from an important call, fail to connect to WiFi, and most time it hangs and forgets email and texting, the worst might be explosion due to overheating.

There are many factors that can cause phone overheating, to some its normal, to others its really annoying, but there might be something you are doing wrong with your device… Check it out below.

Heavy gaming

The higher percentage of people complaining of their phones being overheated are the heavy gamers, gaming for a long period of time, it is advised that after gaming for up to an hour, you should take a break to cool your phone’s temperature, if continue it will shorten your phone’s life.

Running too many background app

As you minimize your app to access another without completely shutting the former down can cause overheating, example after using Facebook, you minimize and start your YouTube app, then go over to Snapchat and so on.

The more apps you have minimized is still running in the background, and makes your phone’s system hard to maintain them, its better to close apps after usage than minimizing, always close and remove them from RAM.

Streaming videos too long

Yeah, watching season long videos on YouTube, Netflix or any streaming site can cause overheating, the truth is, anything that keeps your phone active for a long time can uses your phone’s GPU, which in turn causes heat up.

Your setting aren’t optimal

Having a less than optimal settings like having a long session of video-audio time, fixing your phone’s brightness way too high, adding 3D wallpaper and addition of sleep setting, can all lag the performance of your phone, so if you are observing abnormal heat ups then start checking your setting.

Using your device while charging

Charging and using your phone while charging is not advised at all, it generally weakens the battery life of your phone, if you are noticing that your phone’s bottom gets overheated all the time then its caused by using it while charging.

Battery and cable problem

Another thing to consider is the state of your battery and your cable, if your phone has been regularly overcharged in the past, try not reaching 100%, charge up to 80-90% for an increase in battery life, which may as well decrease overheating in the long run.


This is the most dangerous of all, of all the issued explained above, malware can steal your information, your contacts, your personal information, install adware that forces you to view web pages.

If your phone gets overheated, then you should check for malware, other signs of malware are phones get slower, battery drain faster, apps takes forever to load, app you don’t remember are in your device, many pop up ads, and extremely high data usage, malware can simply render your device useless if nothing is done early.

How to prevent your phone from overheating

There are many reasons why your phone gets overheated, and there are different ways of preventing them from being overheated.

  1. Reduce the amount of gaming time time you use on your smartphone, if you are a heavy gamer,avoid gaming for a long period of time, allow it some time to cool down before continuing.
  2. Avoid running too many apps on the background, make sure you close before using another.
  3. Check your battery if its bad, that might be the cause of overheating.
  4. Apps with lots of ads can cause overheating, having multiple apps like cleaner, sweeper, and anti virus installed can conflict with your phone system.
  5. Avoid using phones while charging, this can affect not only the battery life, but can also be risky to you.
  6. Check you device for malware and viruses, avoid downloading apps like climate SMS, and certain wallpapers.


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