Sites for free online movies and Tv shows


There are many online movies websites that requires payments and registration before you get the pleasure of accessing and streaming their website, but the good news is that, there are some websites available that will not charge a dime, and most of them do not require registration of any kind.

All you are needed to do is, open the website and select your preferred movie and start watching, these websites interface are very good, and they have good features like searching for the specific movie you want to stream online, some of them are listed below…


Freeflix lets you view free movies, Tv shows, anime, live Tv and so many more, freeflix layout is perfectly designed to fit that of the large screen, with all the free movies you can get with them ranging from enticing genres like action, drama, adventure, family, horror, romance and so many more, freeflix also has an app for easy access.


This website allows you to watch lengthy movies, but downloading is not allowed, and registration is not necessary before accessing movies on Bmovies, there are thousands of movies available and they are all of high quality, though one little problem about Bmovies is they shows different ads on their website, but not that long and irritating and are few in number.


Cmovies also offers the best services for free, they have movies and Tv coming from different countries, registration is not necessary and downloading from this site is not allowed, their web is user friendly, you can easily search for your favorite movies and get results within seconds, they have different servers in case of failure, what makes Cmovies special is their ability to show information of a particular movie, like plotting, rate, the cast and date.


Xmovies8 is a free online streaming website, Xmovies8 has huge library for different selection, you don’t have to enter your card details to stream movies, videos on Xmovies8 is of high quality.


This is one of the best choice, this site gives free high quality videos and they do not place annoying ads and without interruptions, their movie library are well placed which makes users to easily located their movies, latest episodes and movies are frequently updated so users do not miss their favorite Tv shows.

These websites offers free movies and Tv shows, they do not require any sort of payment, some has ads, while some don’t, search options are available for easy access to your favorite Tv shows or movies, they frequently updated, and has well organized library.

Other places where you can find free movies are Go123Movies, FlixTor, Go stream, Popcornflix, Yidio, Viewster and Sangfilms.


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